Thursday, January 22, 2015

There is one in every city

Perhaps there is more than one....

Up here in Portland there are several weekday rides for training to hit.  I go to one of them on Wednesday nights.  Just to get some miles in, 2 hours is 2 hours toward base or whatever. 

For the first time this year this other group was out on this course that I had been meeting people on.  They were big bad ass racers and all of that.  Of course there had to be one with a big mouth.  Acted like he owned the place.  

I guess there is one in every city.  I have traveled around a bit, hit a few races here and there.  I am by no means the big time bike racer anymore.  Maybe big bike racer, but I am losing weight.  

The reality that I see is that there are quite a few egos on full display for people that really should just be quiet and train.  When people like this get into real competition, against people that know what is up, they get shelled in a big way.  

I have maybe 3 weeks of training.  I am severely overweight.  I did not get training in during November or December.  When a loudmouth can barely drop me in my deteriorated, couch potato state, there is a lesson to be learned somehow.  I doubt he will.  I sure did.

Just ride your bike.

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