Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bad week = Good week?

You know how you try not to stare at the scale or even weigh yourself often because you are afraid of the bad news?  I thought I was having a bad week.  I tried not to pay attention to the scale, I just expected to gain weight.

The weather was hit an miss this week also.  A couple of outdoor rides, but mostly everything was indoor.  I just didn't have high expectations because of what I thought were set backs.

Previously, if I went through a week like this, I would have gained weight.  My meds just wouldnt support me correctly to maintain a weight loss strategy.  I am happy though, I have found that it is possible for me to lose weight- even when things are not perfect.

I have my training plan drawn out.  So far I am reasonably on schedule.  My fitness is moving forward, and I am able to do more work without trashing myself.  I wish I were able to get a few long rides in this weekend, but it rained way to hard to be out on the road either day and get something out of it.  It was safer to stay inside.

This past week has truly taught me something.  With proper diet, and activities, I am capable of weight loss without lingering side effects.  That makes me quite happy.

I think I am going to stick to my schedule to the end of the month, and not get all crazy about massive amounts of training.  The reality is there are no events of interest until April.  That is plenty of time to build fitness, endurance and drop weight.  Besides, the building of good habits needs to start.  Eating well, and being active every day is my key right now.

So another week of hitting LA Fitness and laughing at the people there.  It is so comical seeing some people attempt to work out.  Good for them that they are there though and trying, even if a bit misguided.  I just never could understand how some women would use specific weight machines, at the absolute lightest settings.  Going through the motions is not beneficial.

I also hope in the next month to better balance the strength in my legs.  My hamstrings are a bit weak, so I am concentrating on building there to better compliment my quad strength.  I realize in the past that the closer the strength happens to be, the better my pedaling motion, and my ability to climb well.

I hope the weather improves, but I will try to hit the road on Monday evening and get some miles in even though it will be dark.  52 degrees sounds pretty decent to ride in as opposed to just a few days ago where it was 10 degrees cooler.

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