Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why is everything so hard?

A friend posted this on facebook a few days ago. She was struck by a car a few months ago and is trying to come back from multiple injuries, and only being able to walk right now from exercise. The physical therapy is not that much fun.
I feel the same way also. It is so frustrating to see improvements in my fitness weekly. Its like I can draw chalk marks of I made it to here on the hill, or my heart rate is better. I can see it. I dont see it on the scale though.
This is weird to me. I have a theory also. I can hit higher heart rates on level ground in a sprint, or other things. Going uphill I cant get above 180. I can't max out on an effort like that. Its hurting my ability to go uphill with the group. When we run out to the sprint on one lap I am fine, I even recover now to get up the hill partially after that. I know there is progress. But I think my strength to weight ratio is holding me back. I cant power my weight uphill, to the point I cant use cardio fitness to overcome that problem.
I have made it an entire week without soda. At first I got my weight down to 196 on Tuesday. But it ballooned back to 200 on Saturday. My diet is very square right now. My body just will not shed pounds right now. I dont think I rode enough this week though. I aim to hit over 200 this week and see what happens.
I was hoping to get down to 190 pounds here in the next 3 weeks. The 196 was encouraging.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Training this week

I have been struggling this week. I finally took the step to cut my sugar intake down, stop soda, and get in gear. I am down to 196 pounds, but sluggish on the bike. I know it will take a bit to adapt my body to the extreme amount of sugar and calories I was taking in from sodas.
I can't keep from thinking about training though. I luckily have a nice schedule, and training today at 8am sucked since it was over 90 degrees on the way to 111 today. But when you get down to it, can you say you are really doing enough to reach your goals? Right now I know in my come back from cancer that I have to keep from going all out because I am not able to fully recover as quickly as necessary.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Start

To get my background read my story on

You may have heard about this guy a few years ago. He had cancer, went through surgery, treatments, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and then had a pretty successful career in sports afterward. Sure he had the best of everything, some money to spend on treatments, and the time to focus on recovery. Not many have those gifts.

I got to thinking. I too have had cancer, I have some gifts as well. They are more athletic, and short on the funds part. After much thought, cycling was what really matters to me. Life without it just isn't the same. Being competitive, tactical, training, racing, and overcoming obstacles make it all worthwhile.

After killing 3 years of my cycling career trying to just feel somewhat better after cancer, I just finally decided I needed to force some steps to get better and ride again. I started my comeback for I don't know what time again, but in 2010 I finally made some inroads toward some goals. With this, I felt that there is something missing out there in the world, that is support for the cancer patient to get back to a normal life.

Cancer turns your world upside down. I had one of the most curable cancers out there, Thyroid Cancer. A very high success rate there. But despite the statistics, what really happens to you during the whole experience? Doctors can give you pills to try to return to something normal, but it takes far more than that to get back to where you once were.

Coming back from cancer is for any cancer patient out there. Clinging to life, your life is important. Someone inflicting their version onto you is not what was bargained for. Getting back to what you know, and are comfortable with is of the most importance. Coming back from cancer, the blog, and the website is for everyone to realize there are normal people that can regain their life. It is for information so you too can make strides forward. Being able to talk to real people and have them tell you the truth about day to day life is beyond important. We need more stories of how myself, or my neighbor adapts to cancer and overcomes to regain what once was.