Thursday, April 12, 2012

More progress

Trying to find positive to build on is difficult for some. Without having an inventory of yourself available, and in constant use, seeing improvement is not the easiest thing. I try to advocate really paying attention to your body, as well as other environmental aspects so that you can judge any number of things as you try to make yourself better.

In the last couple of weeks, I have changed dosages after having spoke with another athlete. I made a case with my doctor, and we adjusted upwards, and have had great results. My heart rates have changed, and moved closer to what I used to experience. A good 10 beat drop overall has been experienced, and my resting HR is moving down. This is quite helpful, and could be seen in last weeks rides. Strava was showing that last Sunday was super fast, perhaps fastest in a couple of years. I was able to stay on, have activity, be in the sprint, and not get into trouble.

Another change was to increase my testosterone. I am not sure where I am at currently, but with mild therapy I was at the bottom of the normal scale. With a bit more of a boost, I should get just above the bottom of the scale. Currently, I am seeing faster recovery. Several times I have tried injections, but had no real results that could be noticed. With my current program, I am actually seeing results that can be documented.

Having ridden over 110 miles this past weekend on two group rides, with some decent efforts, I can see that things are going in the right direction for me. Having a national champion on the ride, as well as other strong riders proved that it was no fluke in speed and quality. I was scared for a bit this year that I couldn't come back. I am now seeing otherwise, and have a chance of being competitive.

Monday, March 19, 2012

8 rides

I really know I need to train more. It seems that so many things impact that ability. I was checking out my stats on Strava, and found that I only had rode 8 times in 3 weeks. Somehow I rode better though throughout. Certain reactions are going on, which is always promising.

My goal for this week was to have some good training and then race this coming weekend. Rain on Sunday was expected, so I rode hard on Saturday. Then I get a cough, runny nose and flu like symptoms. Wonderful, those plans are thrown out the window.

We will see by the end of the week if a race is possible. I am fooling myself, but I want to get a race in, and motivate further to get my house in order. I was hoping with some riding that I would lose weight this week. So much conspires to ruin those best laid plans.

Well, it is Doctor time tomorrow morning. Another change which should help me out is in the works. I am happy so far this year, this is the best I have done since having cancer. I am happy as well since I know much more is possible.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another week down

Well, another week in the books. Although there was not many entries, only two midweek rides, and a little weights, I did improve again. I have a new focus and motivation for the week to come, and things seem to be moving correctly forward.

Last year at this time I was having troubles reaching max heart rate. This year things are working correctly. On 2/25 I reached 199, chasing down a cat 1 in the Saturday sprint. Caught him also, and was happy that I stayed on, and had recovery from surges. I put in 45 miles on Saturday, and 50 on Sunday like I used to, both on group rides that can be fast and taxing.

I got dropped on Sunday, which is to be expected, considering the lack of endurance. My heart rate only peaked in the low 180's evidence that I need more time on the bike. I know cardio wise that I still have some gifts there. Now to get my weight down further this week, and some rides in to build endurance.

I am happy that medically things are finally working. I saw an improvement over 7 days, and I am recovering from workouts finally. I had decent recovery in the last two days, which is far better than I have seen in years. I am finally finding confidence that I can get back to a high competitive level, now just to reach a few other goals, which is to get my weight down further prior to racing in California in 2 months.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Am I finally getting somewhere?

Just a few days ago I achieved one of my goals for the first part of the year. That was to get below 200 pounds. Since Christmas I have lost right at 20 pounds. When I first got going, my heart rate was not going up, so efforts were minimal. I think I finally have a handle on what my issues were and am making true progress again.

Through blood tests in December and January I found a few things out. My testosterone was quite low. Through the bottom of the range type low. I was originally trying to do injections as replacement, and the prescription only allowed for 10 cc every 2 weeks. It was not doing anything for me at all. With my insurance I have been able to change protocols and use a patch now. I am up to 200-300 on the T level. Still quite low, but allowing me to lose weight finally.

Also on my tests my vitamin D was super low. After 4 weeks on a supplement, I am doing better. Amazingly it does make a difference. I also quit sugar, no sodas and controlling a variety of other things in my diet.

Basically, if stress is not an issue from work, I am able to train, and recover. That is a major change from before. Recovery was a massive issue. I have done weights, multiple 40 mile days, and can recover from day to day. I couldn't do that before. I am aiming to race next month, about 30 days from now. I should be 10 pounds lighter, heart rate able to hit my true max, and better training. It has been rare in the last couple of years that I could do a race, and hit max heart rate. Now just to train so I dont have to ride at my anaerobic threshold.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trying to stay on track isn't so easy

I am quite happy. Since the first of the year I have lost 10 pounds, and I am feeling much better. I have effectively cut sugar out of my diet. No more soda. Sweet foods are at a minimum. It is really amazing how when you begin reading labels how sugar is in so many foods, and HFCS is in so many juices as well.
This past week I didn't get as much bike time as I was hoping. This week I have other plans so that I ride rollers, walk, and work on some core strength. I calculate that I am only slightly behind on my training schedule, which is promising since I am making progress. Before, there was little progress made. Warmer temps this week, and longer days are certainly going to help.
I don't have delusions that I will race any time soon. If anything maybe once at the end of February. In reality March might be more like it. And even then it is just to train, get experience and learn. Other instincts will still be there. I am more confident that I will lose the weight I need to so that training will be more effective, and I can actually ride rather than fake it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking fat

So I went out to this crit training this morning as a great way to start 2012. I had no expectations, just wanted to go and ride. I had my wife come out and shoot some video. Ouch, do I look fat?

It is weird when we look in the mirror, or maybe we look down and accept and not think much of it. Seeing ourselves in pictures and videos sure changes things. When I started to have problems from cancer I was at 174 pounds. I remember it since I was trying to get into shape, and was making strides of getting down into the 160 range. I was doing ok for early in the season.

In the 6 months trying to figure out what was up and leading into surgery I gained nearly 60 pounds. At the hospital I weighed in at 228. Not a pretty picture, and not much I could do about it. Post cancer, and feeling better finally, I am doing something about it, and after so many problems I am getting results.

I got dropped an lapped a few times today. Considering what has happened, and the size of my midsection, I can accept that. In a month things will improve, 2 months even more. Time to go ride rollers, and do my night time work.