Thursday, April 12, 2012

More progress

Trying to find positive to build on is difficult for some. Without having an inventory of yourself available, and in constant use, seeing improvement is not the easiest thing. I try to advocate really paying attention to your body, as well as other environmental aspects so that you can judge any number of things as you try to make yourself better.

In the last couple of weeks, I have changed dosages after having spoke with another athlete. I made a case with my doctor, and we adjusted upwards, and have had great results. My heart rates have changed, and moved closer to what I used to experience. A good 10 beat drop overall has been experienced, and my resting HR is moving down. This is quite helpful, and could be seen in last weeks rides. Strava was showing that last Sunday was super fast, perhaps fastest in a couple of years. I was able to stay on, have activity, be in the sprint, and not get into trouble.

Another change was to increase my testosterone. I am not sure where I am at currently, but with mild therapy I was at the bottom of the normal scale. With a bit more of a boost, I should get just above the bottom of the scale. Currently, I am seeing faster recovery. Several times I have tried injections, but had no real results that could be noticed. With my current program, I am actually seeing results that can be documented.

Having ridden over 110 miles this past weekend on two group rides, with some decent efforts, I can see that things are going in the right direction for me. Having a national champion on the ride, as well as other strong riders proved that it was no fluke in speed and quality. I was scared for a bit this year that I couldn't come back. I am now seeing otherwise, and have a chance of being competitive.

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