Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trying to stay on track isn't so easy

I am quite happy. Since the first of the year I have lost 10 pounds, and I am feeling much better. I have effectively cut sugar out of my diet. No more soda. Sweet foods are at a minimum. It is really amazing how when you begin reading labels how sugar is in so many foods, and HFCS is in so many juices as well.
This past week I didn't get as much bike time as I was hoping. This week I have other plans so that I ride rollers, walk, and work on some core strength. I calculate that I am only slightly behind on my training schedule, which is promising since I am making progress. Before, there was little progress made. Warmer temps this week, and longer days are certainly going to help.
I don't have delusions that I will race any time soon. If anything maybe once at the end of February. In reality March might be more like it. And even then it is just to train, get experience and learn. Other instincts will still be there. I am more confident that I will lose the weight I need to so that training will be more effective, and I can actually ride rather than fake it.

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