Wednesday, December 28, 2016

6th post in 2016? Get addicted to riding.

Ok, I am not posting enough. As a professional writer, 6 posts in 2016 is beyond dismal. And there is so much to talk about in the world.

I understand that the TV show 60 Minutes is going to do a segment in late January about mechanical doping. Why?

Mechanical doping seems to be more of a Euro problem at the moment. While I am sure that there might be a hidden bike motor or two in the US, the reality is that someone rich has it, because the technology isnt cheap. Few if any teams have that kind of budget to fund a motor being installed.  Maybe some masters rider has one, but again, the main guy behind this that does the engineering and installs is in Europe, so it is harder for the technology to be here at the moment.

Shows like 60 Minutes should really focus on the drug culture in America. But there is too much money from drug companies in marketing right now. The public doesnt want to face the ugly truth that we are over medicated, and rely on any drug or alcohol to make us feel good or whatever. Pointing the finger at Americans and their behavior is probably not a good thing, but it is the truth. We dont want to listen about our eating habits and how obese we are. Last thing we want to hear is that doctors give us too many drugs.

Are we a nation full of addicts?

I may have written about this before, but I think the most addictive substance is sugar. I think most people are addicted to sugar as a minimum. Perhaps there are other addictions in their lives.

It would be cool if we could be addicted to healthy things, like riding our bikes. Or going to the gym. Isnt it weird that addiction doesnt seem to work that way.  We would call going to the gym every day a habit. It might be rare to even see a chemical based reaction in our bodies for this habit.

With other known addictions, a chemical reaction happens, and our brains react. I have learned that my sugar addiction starts in my intestines, and the bacteria secretes a chemical to the brain and that is where the cycle begins. Breaking the cycle is difficult, because the bacteria doesnt go away easily, and they will keep emitting the chemical to our brains requesting more and more sugar.

Back to riding...

The racing season begins in just a few days. Everyone will be amped up to race in January here. I am enthusiastic with a healthy dose of realism. I look forward to racing once or twice in January as motivation, but the reality is I want to start performing well later in March.

I think I can survive enough in the races to have a good experience and use that as motivation. I also am looking forward to racing at Ontario again. Last year there was not any events at Ontario, they were moved to Riverside. In 2017 they are back in Ontario, and I love racing there. It is just so comfortable to do so.

The Arizona racing calendar is posted. It seems like it is dwindling and becoming smaller every year. That is such a shame since there is so much potential here. Many great roads and areas, but the riders do not support events deep enough. In 2014 I put two races on here in Phoenix. We lost money. No promoter wants to lose money.

I didnt get to race enough in 2016. I look to change that in 2017.

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