Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting into shape, for real

I really wish the cycling season was longer.  Many of the races in my area of the country are over with for the year.  It would be nice to have some fall events to do, but I guess I will have to take whatever is available out there and make do.

As of August, I have lost 45 pounds since January.  I have been able to race quite a few times in Portland, and in California. My last criterium was in Ontario, CA and was over 100 degrees during the race.  I made a few mistakes on hydration that day, but all things considered I did just fine.

What I realize now is that I have made outstanding progress this year. I was able to prove to myself that I still have skills and abilities to tap into.  I look forward to reaching new levels post-cancer in 2016.

I still have more weight to lose.  I am finally under 200 pounds, but for me to realize more of my potential I need to get to 170 and below.  The next 5 months will encompass quite a bit of training, and a very low carb diet.  My doctor wants me to do a no carb diet, but I will have to see if I can convert to training on fats and proteins.  It takes a while to train the body in that way and to become efficient in burning proteins as fuels.

Overall, I am realizing I am happy with my progress.  Although I wish I was winning races, I realize that I can in the near future.  I still have a sprint, some power, and can hang pretty well.  I have much more training to complete to build more endurance, but I look forward to doing that.  I also look forward to training in a more proper way, to push myself to a level that makes me competitive on a national level.  I can see that happening very soon.

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