Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 1 of training

After finishing my last blood test this morning, I was able to take my meds again, and actually see clearly about an hour afterwards. I had been having so many troubles from being off of Thyroid meds, that it had even affected my vision. It is weird to notice that your vision clears up and becomes vivid again. It is nearly like getting new glasses. Late this afternoon I was able to get out on my bike in the warm sun. It was around 80 degrees so I threw on my new kit, helmet and glasses and put in an hour. I had ridden on January 10th a little bit, but today was my first real riding. I actually felt reasonable considering. I focused on spinning, since I need to get my pedal stroke back and become efficient there. I also will gain fitness faster spinning than trying to hammer with power at this moment. With having no thyroid activity, or replacement at all for the last two months my weight went all the way up to 225-227. There was nothing I could really do about that. On Friday everything was so bad that my eyes were nearly swollen shut from retaining so much water. My hands barely worked. It sounds like I am complaining, I really am not, more explaining what it is like to go through something like this. It is not massively painful like a wound, but the aches and pains from nearly every part of the body sure do get your attention. It will take a couple of weeks taking my normal meds to get stabilized again. I will be able to recover from workouts, so that my muscles won't ache as if I did 3 hours hard and in reality I just spun an hour. My heart rate is suppressed at the moment, so my max is very very low, around 160. My normal max is around 200-202 even at my 44 year old age. When my weight comes down fully, and training pays off, I should be able to get to a reasonable VO2max and have great power output yet again. I just have to get there and be patient. I think that is positive, and I appreciate the genetics more now that my mom and dad gave me.

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