Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another week down

Well, another week in the books. Although there was not many entries, only two midweek rides, and a little weights, I did improve again. I have a new focus and motivation for the week to come, and things seem to be moving correctly forward.

Last year at this time I was having troubles reaching max heart rate. This year things are working correctly. On 2/25 I reached 199, chasing down a cat 1 in the Saturday sprint. Caught him also, and was happy that I stayed on, and had recovery from surges. I put in 45 miles on Saturday, and 50 on Sunday like I used to, both on group rides that can be fast and taxing.

I got dropped on Sunday, which is to be expected, considering the lack of endurance. My heart rate only peaked in the low 180's evidence that I need more time on the bike. I know cardio wise that I still have some gifts there. Now to get my weight down further this week, and some rides in to build endurance.

I am happy that medically things are finally working. I saw an improvement over 7 days, and I am recovering from workouts finally. I had decent recovery in the last two days, which is far better than I have seen in years. I am finally finding confidence that I can get back to a high competitive level, now just to reach a few other goals, which is to get my weight down further prior to racing in California in 2 months.

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