Sunday, February 19, 2012

Am I finally getting somewhere?

Just a few days ago I achieved one of my goals for the first part of the year. That was to get below 200 pounds. Since Christmas I have lost right at 20 pounds. When I first got going, my heart rate was not going up, so efforts were minimal. I think I finally have a handle on what my issues were and am making true progress again.

Through blood tests in December and January I found a few things out. My testosterone was quite low. Through the bottom of the range type low. I was originally trying to do injections as replacement, and the prescription only allowed for 10 cc every 2 weeks. It was not doing anything for me at all. With my insurance I have been able to change protocols and use a patch now. I am up to 200-300 on the T level. Still quite low, but allowing me to lose weight finally.

Also on my tests my vitamin D was super low. After 4 weeks on a supplement, I am doing better. Amazingly it does make a difference. I also quit sugar, no sodas and controlling a variety of other things in my diet.

Basically, if stress is not an issue from work, I am able to train, and recover. That is a major change from before. Recovery was a massive issue. I have done weights, multiple 40 mile days, and can recover from day to day. I couldn't do that before. I am aiming to race next month, about 30 days from now. I should be 10 pounds lighter, heart rate able to hit my true max, and better training. It has been rare in the last couple of years that I could do a race, and hit max heart rate. Now just to train so I dont have to ride at my anaerobic threshold.

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