Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why is everything so hard?

A friend posted this on facebook a few days ago. She was struck by a car a few months ago and is trying to come back from multiple injuries, and only being able to walk right now from exercise. The physical therapy is not that much fun.
I feel the same way also. It is so frustrating to see improvements in my fitness weekly. Its like I can draw chalk marks of I made it to here on the hill, or my heart rate is better. I can see it. I dont see it on the scale though.
This is weird to me. I have a theory also. I can hit higher heart rates on level ground in a sprint, or other things. Going uphill I cant get above 180. I can't max out on an effort like that. Its hurting my ability to go uphill with the group. When we run out to the sprint on one lap I am fine, I even recover now to get up the hill partially after that. I know there is progress. But I think my strength to weight ratio is holding me back. I cant power my weight uphill, to the point I cant use cardio fitness to overcome that problem.
I have made it an entire week without soda. At first I got my weight down to 196 on Tuesday. But it ballooned back to 200 on Saturday. My diet is very square right now. My body just will not shed pounds right now. I dont think I rode enough this week though. I aim to hit over 200 this week and see what happens.
I was hoping to get down to 190 pounds here in the next 3 weeks. The 196 was encouraging.

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