Friday, December 30, 2011

The real start for 2012

I posted a few months back that I was getting started again. That didnt work out as good as I had hoped. Teaching was in the way, and getting comfortable. Now that things are rolling, I have been able to pull things into order and truly get on my bike.
Just this week has shown good success. I have dropped 3 pounds, and rode 4 of 5 days. One day I didnt ride because of blood work and doctor appointments. I have a routine down now that I plan on sticking with. I look forward to 2012 knowing that I can make progress, and have a workable plan.
By the end of January I will be down to 200 pounds or lower I hope. Judging by this week, I know I can do it. I will push very hard to get to 190 as quickly as possible. During this time I am just putting time and getting miles in. I am not doing anything crazy, just using my time wisely to something I want to do.
I am planning my first race the last weekend of February. I will just ride it for experience, but have no expectations. In March I will do other races locally for training and to get back in the swing of things. I hope to have my weight down below 180 by then. With the diet I have set, that shouldnt be an issue.
In April I will do my first race in California. I look forward to it since I miss racing there so much. The competition, the feel and the events are so much more fun. I will race in Ontario or Dominguez at least once in April and then go on from there through the summer.
I am more motivated now than I had been before. Seeing progress is important as well. My wife is making changes as well, so having support, and a lack of temptation to slack will help considerably.

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